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Redwood, Dawn Redwood Tree Seeds (Metasequoia Glyptostroboides)

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Metasequoia glyptostroboides, the dawn redwood, is a fast-growing, endangered deciduous conifer, the sole living species of the genus Metasequoia, one of three species in the subfamily Sequoioideae. It now survives only in wet lower slopes, river and stream valleys in south-central China. Although the shortest of the redwoods, it can grow to 120 ft (37 m) in height.
This magnificent tree dates back to the dinosaur age and was thought to be extinct until discovered in central China in the 1940s. It is a particularly well-known example of a living fossil species. The tree faces considerable risks of extinction in its wild range due to deforestation, however it has been planted extensively worldwide, where it has proved a popular and fast-growing ornamental and bonsai tree.


 Tree characteristics


  • Evergreen / Deciduous/ Semi DeciduousDeciduous 
  • Where to keep in the UK: Outside
  • Preferred Soil PH Level: 4 - 5
  • Drought Tolerance: Bad Drought Tolerance
  • Hardiness Zones: 4 - 8 (Check Your Zone Below)
  • Soil Conditions: Moist, well drained
  • Mature Height: 70 - 90 ft
  • Mature Width: 15 - 25 ft
  • Placement: Full Sun, partial shade
  • Native to: China


How to prepare the seeds

  • Please watch the video, "How to grow a tree from seed" on our website menu bar under "Trees from seed (Guide). Or read below.

  • Soak in initially warm water over night.
  • Sow in seed tray with a mixture of compost and perlite. Perlite allows for a more free draining soil mixture, preventing water-log and root rot. This will also allow you to free each sapling from the seed tray without damaging them when they're ready to move into their individual pots.
  • Fill the seed tray close to the top with said soil mix, allowing 1/2 an inch of space to evenly scatter the seeds over. Then cover the seeds with the remaining 1/2 inch of space.
  • Use a watering can ensuring all areas are damp throughout, but not overly wet.
  • Cold stratify for at least 10 weeks. Place the seed tray in a plastic bag within the fridge. Ensure you air the bag once every 2 weeks. Keep the seed trays clear of weeds until the following year. More saplings will pop out in December after a natural warm stratification (Summer).
  • After this period, take the tray out of the fridge. The warmth will cause the seeds to germinate within the next few weeks.
  • Do not let the seed tray dry out at this vital stage. Move each sapling onto individual pots once they've been growing in the seed trays for a few weeks.
  • Without this process you will not grow any saplings. This process can be done between December and May. If left any later, the trees may not survive their first winter due to such a short initial growing season. If you have a green house or poly tunnel to protect your saplings, you can do this process up until July.

  • Remember that all trees that are not subtropical or tropical must be kept outside (Including glass houses and poly tunnels) during winter at all times and rely on the winter dormancy to survive onto their next growing season.

  • Be aware of birds and rodents, they tend to eat the seeds and will bite the heads off saplings.

  • Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Facebook would be the fastest option. If in doubt, please watch our video, "How to grow trees from seed" on our website menu bar.


    Tree seeds delivery within the UK only

    • All seeds are sent 2nd class within two working days of ordering. 

    • Delivery cost is a set fee of £1.50 no matter the quantity.

    • Delivery cost is free for the seeds if you have bought live plants at the same time. We will send the seeds first class securely within the same box.

    • Ensure you read up on our seed growing guide or our video guide. which explains how to germinate your seeds successfully.


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