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Mix & Match 5 or more of any species in our sapling range and receive 20% OFF!

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Trees Grown From Seed Within The UK. No Chemicals or Pesticide Are Used.

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x(BACKK IN STOCK 2022) Acer, Japanese Maple Acer Tree, (Acer Palmatum) 9cm Pot, Age 1 Year

Price: Mix & Match 5 or more of any species and receive 20% OFF!

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Purchase a Japanese maple acer tree sapling to grow as an ornamental plant in large pots or in the ground. You can also train them into bonsai. (Acer Palmatum).

 Please be aware that these trees are deciduous. In Autumn they will be losing their leaves and will have no foliage in winter.


Japanese acers, also known as Japanese maples, have been grown in Japanese gardens for centuries because they are wonderfully intricate and slow growing, so they are ideal for small gardens. In the wild these are woodland canopy trees that are protected under larger trees, often on a woodland edge. They are a popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts and have long been a subject in art.


 Tree Characteristics

They display considerable genetic variations, with seedlings from the same parent tree, typically showing differences in such traits as leaf size, shape, and colour. The overall form of the tree can vary from upright to weeping. No tree is the same. These make for good bonsai projects as there is no graft scaring on the trunks.


The Acer you receive will be completely random. If you have purchased more than one Acer, we will make sure you receive a large difference in each sapling's leaf shape, size and colour. The photos are some examples that we sold in auctions in 2019.


Please also note that the leaf colour can change,

  • Throughout Spring, summer and autumn.
  • Due to how much sunlight the leaves receive.
  • New growth can vary in colour and change as they age.


  • Average Height for 9cm Pot, Age 1 Year15 - 25cm
  • Where to keep in the UK: Outside
  • Preferred Soil PH Level: 4 - 7
  • Drought Tolerance: Bad Drought Tolerance
  • Hardiness Zones: 5 - 7 (Check Your Zone Below)
  • Soil Conditions: Well-drained
  • Mature Height: 10 - 30 ft
  • Mature Width: 8 - 20 ft
  • Placement: Shade, Part-shade, sheltered site away from strong winds.
  • Native to: Japan


    Our tree saplings in 9cm pots (1Year+)


    • All trees in 9cm pots are at least a year old from seed. Germinated last year during spring and stratified the winter prior.
    • Moved into their own 9cm pots after the first few weeks in seed trays.

    • We continue to look after them for another year until the following spring to ensure their survival through their most vulnerable stage in life and on route to becoming established trees.

    • All trees can be pot grown, ground grown or trained for bonsai.

    • We recommend pot slipping the trees into much larger containers allowing the roots room, which will greatly increase their growth rate.

    Live plants delivery within the UK only

    • All plants are sent 1st class Monday to Wednesday. 

    • Delivery costs are based on total weight.

    • Any orders taken Wednesday afternoon onward will be sent the following Monday.

    • This is to avoid live plants spending long periods in boxes over the weekend.

    • You should receive your plants Wednesday to Friday.

      Hardiness Zones in the UK


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