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Trees Grown From Seed Within The UK. No Chemicals or Pesticide Are Used.

Live plants are securely sent within the UK via first class post.

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(16.07.2020) 2021 Stock Availability, 9cm pots, 1YR+,

We're nearing the end of transferring trees from tray to pot this year. This is what we'll have available next year grown this year (2020). We'll announce on here when they're available in March / April after they've passed their first winter which is their most vulnerable stage.

Chinese Red pine: 337
Chinese white pine: 250
Acer: 27
Chinese weeping cypress: 53
Moutain pine: 75
Yunnan pine: 420 
Japanese black pine: 1503 
Japanese Larch: 47
Chinese redbud: 170
Persian silk: 126
Canary island pine: 84
Coastal redwood: 6
Macedonian pine: 14
Korean Fir: 145
Dwarf mountain pine: 14
Chinese Tulip: 39
Eastern redbud: 29
Masson's pine: 498 
Slash pine: 17
Maritime: 95
Mexican weeping pine: 378
Poderosa pine: 80
Bhutan pine: 50
Japanese zelkova elm: 4
Eastern white pine: 35
Giant sequoia: 48
Stone pine: 116
Chinese juniper: 4
China Fir: 42
Chinese Arborvitae: 35
Judas: 38
Dawn redwood: Dependent on rooted cuttings. Roughly 200+
Chinese elm: Dependent on rooted cuttings. Roughly 100+