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Mix & Match 5 or more of any species in our sapling range and receive 20% OFF!

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Trees Grown From Seed Within The UK. No Chemicals or Pesticide Are Used.

Live plants are securely sent within the UK via first class post.

The Wire Tree Crafting Table

  • These are hand made wired bonsai trees by myself (Dave Burgess). I like to keep myself busy in winter and evenings when i'm not outside in the nursery. I'm always trying new styles, with or without foliage in various pots using different colours and lengths of wire.

  • If you see a style that's been sold before or have something in mind, please contact me. I can create to order. I will show you the outcome, if you don't purchase within one week of completion, it will be available to purchase for everyone. These take 8 to 20 hours to make, depending on the complexity.

  • Extremely delicate, Do not touch the wire, Please open your parcel carefully and slide the tree out slowly without the wire touching the cardboard box walls.

  • Keep away from pets and children. The tips of the wire are sharp and it doesn't take much to bend the wire out of place.
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